Wanda the Viking
Wanda is our newest troll, our first female, created in Sarasota in June of 2016.  Slightly smaller than the other medium sized trolls, she is 9 inches tall, and was designed as a companion for Vince.  She can be adopted for $59.00.

Vince the Viking
Vince is the largest of the medium trolls at 11 inches tall.  He was created in Gurnee Mills, Illinois in July, 2015.  He is available for adoption for $66.00

Two-faced Ted
Two-faced Ted is our bi-polar troll, smiling and waving or expressing a timeless insult behind his back.  Created in West Virginia in April, 2013, Ted stands 10 inches tall, and can be adopted for $60.00.

Bertie the Belligerent
Bertie the Belligerent is our oldest mid sized troll, created in Sugar Loaf, New York in 2010 as a smaller version of Reg.  He stands 10 inches high, and still has the cutest tush of all our trolls.  He is available for adoption for $58.00.

Our oldest and smallest troll, Pog is just 6 inches tall, and can be yours for $40.00

Reg the Rude
Reg the Rude is the biggest of all our trolls, standing 18 inches tall.  He can become a fixture in your garden for $121.00.

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